Miracle Plant

The incredible Aloe Vera plant benefits both humankind and the animal kingdom. The Aloe family of plants has over 200 varieties but not tall have medicinal properties. The Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller has been of the most use to humans. This plant flourishes in warm climates and has been highly valued for over 4000 years. It is a succulent looking, perennial member of the lily family.

The Aloe leaf consists of three parts: a thick, dark green outer rind, the mucous layer
(aloin) and the inner leaf, known commonly as the gel.

Aloe Vera helps maintain healthy digestive systems, which enhance the absorption of nutrients. Polysaccharides found in Aloe help to restore and boost the immune system, which battles against viruses and fungus. The Aloe Vera also works to improve your pet's metabolism and offer protection from toxins.

Aloe contains the aspirin-like compound, salicylic acid, which flushes out lifeless cells from wounds and encourages healing.

Health Information

Aloe Vera has a number of invaluable health benefits. Aloe Vera has over 75 vital minerals and nutrients including enzymes, feel-good vitamins B, C and D, magnesium and potassium. Better yet, Aloe inherently knows what to do and how to help your pet’s body. It also works extremely well with, and may even enhance, any prescription medicine(s) your pet may already be taking.


Benefits of Aloe

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  • EARS:

    Apply Aloe-Pet to the outer ear with a cloth or cotton ball for instant relief from itching and scratching.

    Feed Aloe-Pet daily to cleanse your pet from the inside and flush out bacteria, which reduces inflammation and occurrence of infection.

  • NOSE:

    Apply Aloe-Pet with a warm cloth to affected areas to provide relief from irritated or chapped skin. An immediate cooling and soothing effect is experienced as the aspirin-like compound delivers natural relief from licking and scratching.

  • EYES:

    Apply Aloe-Pet with a warm cloth to affected areas and remove tear stains and buildup.

    Feed Aloe-Pet daily to cleanse from the inside and flush out bacteria, which reduces stain-causing inflammation.


    Aloe-Pet helps remove plaque and bacteria that causes inflammation of the gums. Good dental health will occur with improved digestion and proper nutrition when Aloe-Pet is added to your pet’s daily diet.


    Apply Aloe-Pet directly into the folds and wrinkles to remove bacteria and stop the growth of yeast.

    Feed Aloe-Pet daily to cleanse from the inside and eliminate the buildup of toxins.


    Add Melissa's Aloe-Pet to your pets food daily to help turn their food into fuel. Aloe-vera will help to enhance absorption of nutrients and maintain a healthy digestive system.