I was at an outdoor festival recently in Ridgeway and purchased a bottle of your Aloe Pet for dog. He is a golden retriever/husky mix and is prone to hot spots. After 4-5 days his hot spot behind his ear was healed after putting it directly on the spot. I also put it in his food and will continue to do so. This product works great and I will certainly promote your product.


Maggie is our precious 10 year old Basset Hound.  She has been the most magnificent companion and plays a major role in our family.  Maggie was diagnosed with kidney cancer when she was about 5 years old.  After major surgery to remove her kidney she carried on and has been cancer free.   We noticed she really began to slow down over the past two years, which we know is normal, but we were not able to deal with was her increasingly pungent smell.   We have tried numerous medications and supplements over the years to curb the smell which comes from excessive yeast build up in her body.

When we came across Melissa’s Aloe we wondered if it might work to help Maggie feel and smell a bit better.  I purchased a large jug and gave her a daily dose with her food.  We no

ticed a change in Maggie by week two of using the product she was much more alert and even playing with her companion dog Sasha.  I had a friend visit just recently from out of town.  The first thing she said when she walked in our home was “I don’t smell Maggie”.  Maggie has been a smelly girl for much of her life but for the first time ever, with the help of Melissa’s Aloe we have the yeast issue under control and she is more lively and energetic than we have seen her in a long time.  She is even back to taking the stairs at night to sleep in our bedroom.   This natural product has been more effective in one month that the past 5 years of constantly trying new medications and supplement options to help her.

Melissa’s Pet Aloe is a fantastic all natural product that has provided real results there is no doubt for us that Maggie the magnificent will have Melissa’s Pet Aloe for the rest of her days.Thanks for the opportunity to share this good news!


Maggie’s Mom, Doris

Belle had fleas for the first time during the summer and was subsequently treated with harsh medication and continues to be on monthly, preventative meds. She had been itching nonstop. Since adding Melissa's Aloe-Pet to her food on a daily basis, the itching hasgone down substantially. I will definitely continue to use this wonderful product!

Belle & Patricia

It was Melissa's Aloe that saved Scarlett's back!

-Scarlett & Leslie,Toronto

I am giving the Aloe to my Shiba Inu and Chihuahua cross and my Chihuahua has not been scratching and biting herself as much. She had bad mange when she was a pup and she has been biting herself since I adopted her at six months. She will be four years old in March!


Woof, woof, grunt, snarl, scratch, scratch, woof, woof...lick, lick. Awwrrhhhllll! Translation: Made my body tingle, my bones sing and relieved the pain caused by arthritis...feeling FINE. When can we start that new trail? Four paws up.

-Sushi Szivak,12 year old Labrador Retriever, Hamilton

Astounding, almost immediate results infusing your furry babies with so much goodness, strength and vitality. Your pets will thank you for it!

-Charlotte Szivak
Animal Communicator & Healer

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! I am a proud animal mommy to many and your product has made the world of difference for our family. My baby boy a 4 yr old, 165 lbs, Dogge du Bordeau/Bulldogge, named Moose has suffered with heat rash. Now that we use your product on a daily basis and at the first sign of any skin irritation we apply it directly to the area. It is healed quickly and we do not have to be concerned with heavily medication, expensive, prescription medication with ingredients that you cannot even read or understand. Our dogs’ coats are absolutely gorgeous being on Melissa’s Aloe. Not only do we use your product on our dogs. We are also using it in combination with our regular feed to gut load our crickets for our Bearded Dragon and Uromastyx. We have noticed that in doing this, it has made a noticeable difference in the skin and shedding.We are very grateful for your product and encourage everyone to use it. It is very effective and most of all, natural.

Kona LOVES his Aloe!

-Tanya Green & Kona

I just bought your Aloe-Pet as my two Airedales have dry skin and are plagued by hot spots this time of year. My male dog, Gryffin, just got rid of a large spot on his face after treatment of weeks with sprays he did not enjoy. Last week two more spots appeared near his tail and back hip. I’ve tried all the remedies and most sting and are not that effective. When I saw your article in the paper, I thought I would try it. I am amazed at how quickly the two spots are clearing up. On Thursday, I started giving him the liquid on the food, and while he was eating, I would rub it into the hot spots. The spots are drying up and he is not irritated by them. Usually he will keep licking them, but he is not bothered by them at all. I will continue to use your product and I hope it continues to work wonders and prevent other skin irritations.

-Thanks, A.G., Sudbury

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had the opportunity to try a bottle of your Aloe-Pet on my Golden Retriever for a chronic ear infection that we have been treating for well over a year. By the end of the first week, after giving him three capfuls of the juice per day orally, the ear drainage stopped. Now that the bottle is finished, I see no more signs of infection. I am a certified dog trainer here in St. Catharine's as well as a Conformation Show Handler. I teach approximately 200 dogs per year in my obedience classes. I would sincerely like to offer your product to all my students in my classes.

-Melodi Soirson