Thank you!I fell asleep in the sun resulting in a terrible burn and literally couldn't put a shirt on... it hurt so bad.I purchased your Aloe Vera Gel and I am absolutely amazed how quickly it took down the swelling, peeling and overall discomfort. Best of all, it wasn't sticky or tacky like some of those other versions of Aloe Gel I have tried. I will definitely let others know how great Melissa's Aloe Products are!

Tom,Calgary Alberta 


Hello Melissa,

I can't believe the difference using Melissa's Vera Plus. I picked it up at my local health store and was not expecting to notice such a big change as I have been drinking a competitor's Aloe Vera Juice for years.I guess that is the difference quality makes!

Cheers to your health,

Susan, St.Catharines


Hey ladies! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your new moisturizer! I got it
at Woofstock, and my skin feels so amazing every time I put it on. It's a great product.
Congrats! I have been drinking my Aloe too.

-Diane Holmes

Hi! I first met you in Port Colborne four years ago, and I purchased the juice for my
dogs. I met you again last Thursday at Broadway Gardens. You gave me a copy of your
book and I bought two, 16oz bottles. I’ve read your book at least three times and
decided that I’d try drinking the Aloe Juice along with Maggie my dog. I’ve been taking it
since last Friday, two times a day. It’s only been five days, but I’m in love with this stuff.
It’s a miracle when it comes to my menopausal and monthly dealings. Within three days
of drinking the juice, I noticed a difference. Now that five days have gone by I just can’t
believe my energy levels. I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements. I’m
reluctant to give Maggie her two capfuls in fear of running out too soon, but she sits
patiently and waits for her drink so I do share with her. The itching seems to have
diminished and she loves to have it rubbed on her scratchy spots. Looking forward to
hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to talk to me and giving me your
book, it really opened my eyes.



I have been using Melissa's Classic Creme for three years.  People are always telling me I look younger than my 50 plus years.  I wouldn't be without it!  Their service is quick and courteous. I received my last order within two days.

Oshawa, ON