• Melissa’s Original Creme
  • Melissa’s Original Creme

Melissa’s Original Creme



Melissa’s Original Creme promotes elasticity by tightening your skin’s muscles. Melissa's Original Creme contains organic Aloe Vera, flax seed extract, fenugreek and avocado oil. The Aloe Vera in Melissa's Creme delivers rejuvenating antioxidants and soothing nourishment. The flax seed improves overall skin health, while the fenugreek plumps the skin, which is your body's largest and most important organ. It protects you from the elements and serves as an important first impression.

The antibacterial qualities of Aloe help to dry out and kill pimples and clear blemishes. The concentrated, organic Aloe Vera in Melissa's skin cremes eases irritation caused by razors and helps to clean and heal cuts and scrapes.

This formula contains less fenugreek than Melissa's Classic Creme. Melissa's Original Creme is colour and scent free.