• Melissa’s Classic Creme
  • Melissa’s Classic Creme

Melissa’s Classic Creme



Melissa's Classic Creme contains organic Aloe Vera, flax seed extract, fenugreek and avocado oil. The Aloe Vera in Melissa's Creme tightens the muscles in the skin and promotes firmness and elasticity. Skin is your body's largest, most important organ. It protects you from the elements and serves as an important first impression. The flax seed will improve your overall skin health. The lignans are anti-inflammatory and help to improve the skin's health as well. The fenugreek provides nourishment and plumps the skin. It is also known to be an effective topical treatment for skin problems such as eczema and acne. 

This creme is ideal for use all over the body to treat minor skin irritations. When applying this classic formula to the breasts, you may experience a plumpness. When applied regularly, a noticeable reduction in stretch marks may occur.

This formula contains fenugreek from a freeze dried source, which results in a slight maple scent and gives the creme its yellow hue.

Melissa's Classic Creme is colour and scent free.